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Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency,assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK consists of six levels, namely HSK (level I), HSK (level II), HSK (level III), HSK (level IV), HSK (level V), and HSK (level VI). HSK exam service network

1. Examination registration and payment

If the selected test center is not open online registration, you can go to the test center on-site to register and pay.

2. Candidates photo request

The requirements for the photo is mainly applicable to HSK4-6 level, HSKK, BCT and YCT oral test, other grades test results report does not need printed photos.

For the preparation and use of photos, Please follow the following requirements:

Photo Style Requirements:

- Requires recent  identification photo (two inches), not be life photos, or with landscape.

- Forbids wearing hats, scarves, hair bands, sunglasses (except for special religious beliefs);

- Chromo-type or black-and-white photo ,better with a white background.

Examines must log on the website, according to the website guide to upload electronic photos, or hand it in the teacher who is responsible for the test, and ask them to help to upload.

3. Admission ticket

The contents of the admission ticket include the name, nationality, gender, type and number of the examine,, the examination subject, the examination time, the name of the test center, the examination’s address, the examination discipline and so on.

Examines must carefully check the information on the ticket . The name, gender, date of birth and the number of the documents must be consistent with the valid documents.

If the information on the ticket is incorrect, please contact the test center to change, otherwise the test is invalid.

The admission ticket is important for examines  to participate in the examination. For those who  do not carry the ticket will not be admitted to take the exam.

After the exam, examines need to continue to keep the ticket.   This ticket is required when getting the performance report .

To search  online for results or apply for additional performance reports and other value-added services also needs to provide ticket number.

4. Change the date of the exam

After completing the registration and payment, you can apply for a change of the examination date for once and once only within the specified time, but the registration cannot be canceled, the registration of the test site and the examination level can not be changed.

Examines need to surf the HSK exam service website(, log in "personal center" to apply for a change in the date of examination, the date of examination can be changed to  the same year and the same level of examination.

Change the time and cost of the exam date are as follows:

• 27 days before the exam (including day 27):Examines are free to change and do not charge a fee.

• 27 days before the exam to 10 days before the exam (including day 10): Examines apply for changes during this period, subject to a change fee of 30% of the examination fee.

• Within 10 days before the exam (excluding day 10): No longer apply for change.

Note: The above rules apply to both the pen and paper exam and the web exam.

5. Examination rules

a. Examination supplies

On the day of examination, Examines must carry:

-the admission ticket

- Personal ID (valid with copy) that is valid,  consistent with the application.

- Take a pencil (two or more) and a rubber.

 other personal items should be placed on the designated teacher designated items not  carry them along on you . Do not carry valuables things to the examination room. Examines themselves take responsible for their belongs if them got lost.

Examines without required documents and admission tickets will not be able to take the exam. The examination fee is not refundable.

b. Admission time

Examines should arrive in the examination room half an hour before the exam starts . After the admission and before the end of the listening exam , Examines can not be out of the examination room. When the listening test gets started, the late examines will have to wait until the end of the listening test before they can enter the examination room to participate in the reading test, and the hold-up-time does not get made up; after reading the test , Late examines are not allowed to enter the examination room to take the exam.

Oral test: before the start of the recording, late examines can enter the examination room to take the exam, the hold-up-time does not get made up; when recording began, late examines can not enter the examination room to take the exam.

c. Examination form

(1) examines take the exams under the arrangements of the invigilator.

(2) Candidates will answer on the answer sheet,all the answers on the answer sheet  must be written with 2B pencil .

(3)  using the form of live recording, the oral test  examines must be in accordance with the arrangements for the inspection staff,  use   their own independent recording equipment for examination.

(4) Chinese network test is a paperless examination, the examines take exams through the mouse and keyboard to answer, and the test process automatically.

d. Examination rules

(1)examinees must sit in the designated seat, the examines have no right to choose seats.

(2) Candidates must follow the invigilator, follow the examination rules, and complete the examination independently.

(3) there is no break in the middle of the examination time. Examinees may leave halfway due to special reasons. before leaving the examination room the approval from the invigilator is required and examinees must hand in their admission ticket and identity documents to the invigilator and when the examinees return to the examination room, he will get back of those.

 (4) oral examination candidates may not leave the examination room halfway. If they must, their test is abort.

e.emergency  handling

(1)  unfair treatment to candidates due to the poor management of this examination, such as: examination time is insufficient, the test paper is damaged, test equipment damage, etc., which leads to an unfinished  examination, HanBan International will arrange candidates to re-take the exam free of charge in same place.

(2) due to force measure, such as: natural disasters, accidents, forced the examination can not be carried out, HanBan International will arrange a retrial as soon as possible, or full refund of the examination fee, examinees do not bear any indirect loss compensation.

6. Examinees in absent case:

If the exam examinees do not take the exam for the reasons of the non-examination organizers, the examination fee will not be returned.

7. Violation and punishment

examinees may not open the papers in advance, cross the question, can not tear, replace, copy the contents of the papers, can not bring papers or answers out of the examination room, the examinees who cheat in test,  and do not listen to examinations and other acts, Will be canceled.

8. Test results

1. Results inquiries

After two weeks after the end of the network test, one year after the end of the pen and paper examination, the candidate can register the Chinese exam service network ( and enter the ticket number and name query result.

2. Results report

Formal results report will usually be sent within 1-2 months after the exam candidates to take the test center, candidates can apply for admission to the test center.

3. The validity of the performance report

Chinese test scores are valid for two years (from the date of the examination).

Seven. After the examination of additional services

1. Additional report delivery service

In order to facilitate the candidates to the Chinese Proficiency Test results as a school application, graduation certificate, candidates, promotion and other Chinese ability to prove that the candidates through the Chinese exam service network ( to apply for additional results reported. Please refer to the Chinese Language Examination Service ( for inquiries and fees.

2. Performance report modification service

Chinese proficiency test scores for the candidates of Chinese language ability to prove that some candidates on the Internet or test sites on-site registration, not required to carefully check the information, registration is completed, did not carefully check the registration confirmation and admission ticket, resulting in the report on the results Personal information does not match the real situation. For those who do not affect the performance of the report, candidates can apply for the results through the Chinese exam service network ( to modify the service.

Performance Report Modification Service Application Conditions:

(1) The information applied for modification is limited to the following:

• The name is misspelled

• The nationality information is incorrect

• Gender information error

(2) Candidates need to provide relevant supporting documents, such as passports, ID cards.

(3) Application of the results report The application must be made within the validity period of the performance report (within two years after the end of the examination).

3. Reconsideration services

In order to meet the needs of candidates, answer questions questions, candidates can now log on to the Chinese test service network personal center application reconsideration services. Reconsideration service application time limit for examination results within 30 days after publication. Successful application can not be canceled or modified. During the review period, candidates will be frozen, not for academic, work, scholarship applications. During this period the candidates can not check the results online, or apply for additional performance reports.

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