O.E.C Introduction

  July 2011, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education approved Wuyi University to recruit overseas students. In May 2012 , Wuyi university has established the School of Overseas Education. Since then, students from the United States, France, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, India, Garner, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Laos and other countries have entered the school of Overseas Education of Wuyi University for long-term or short-term learning or academic exchange.

       Since September 2012, Wuyishan became one of the first universities to admit foreign students who obtain Fujian provincial government scholarship In April 2013, after the approval of the Ministry of education, our school has become the fifth in Fujian province that admits foreign students with a Chinese government scholarship.

       Since 2014, our school has been working with the state government of South Africa to train about 100 foreign students from South Africa's free state, and their arrival has added a beautiful landscape to our school. The School of Overseas education has set up plenty of scientific courses for overseas students . Which are divided into two mainly categories: basic language courses and elective courses. The first kind includes Chinese intensive reading, Chinese reading, Chinese listening, spoken Chinese and Chinese reading and writing, HSK (HSK) counseling course; and the second contains Chinese culture, Chinese film appreciation, Taiji , tea art and other courses. Students can select their own courses based on their personal Intersets: The school of Overseas Education frequently organizes students to participate in all sort of after-class activities,in order to enhance our school’s reputation. In April 2013, the school of overseas education students participated in the 2012-2013 annual ‘Sunshine Sports - overseas students Sunshine Sports Cultural Tour activity, and took second place in the third division tournament (Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Jiangxi Province, the four Provinces Division). And representing the third division in the national Finals held in Qingdao. As the only team of new undergraduate colleges, with the to-be-the-best spirit, they was awarded of the best organization award and the excellent group award. The school of Overseas education hasn’t established for long, but good teaching conditions and varieties of colorful courses and activities, as well as our cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of the campus has draw in large crowds of foreign students. To lay a solid foundation for the future development and growth, we are looking forward to more brilliant future of the school of overseas education!

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