Chen Song

Ph.D Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Wuyi University. Director of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Overseas Chinese affairs office, Secretary of the Cross Strait College and Overseas Education College. Born in 1972, Graduated from Fujian Normal University in 1995, Master of Education from Beijing Normal University in 2001, Doctor in Economics from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2016. He engaged in development of psychological, comparative education, traditional Chinese culture, tea industry and other aspects of teaching and research work. He has visited to Russia, Czech Republic, Hungry, South Africa, Malaysia and other countries to learn exchange, leaded/presided two class a projects of the Provincial department of Education and has Published dozens of papers.


Luming Tian

Associate Professor, Cross-Straits College and Overseas Education College Presided over the work of the vice president, born in 1966, undergraduate and graduate degree from the Department of History, Beijing Normal University, master graduated from the British , he was sent by the state to Sussex University for visiting from 1997-1998. 2002-2003 at his own expense to the University of Nottingham , gained the English language teaching master degree. He is Mainly engaged in world history, Chinese traditional culture, English, cross-cultural communication and other aspects of teaching and research work, and has published dozens of papers.


Zhu Chun Lin

Lecturer, University degree, graduated from Xian International Studies University .In 2004 he participated in work.now he is the second chief of Overseas Education Institute. He Mainly teaches in university English, spoken English, financial English, and spoken Chinese, Chinese reading and writing, journals reading etc..