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17th November, international affair department and Overseas Education College teachers and students visited to WuYi Shan International conference and 9th tea exhibition. Tea expo site was spectacular, different kinds of tea and tea product left a deep impression for all overseas students.

During visit to the tea exhibition, overseas students was very excited. Lots of Chinese volunteers and visitors were excitedly waving their hands towards overseas students. They was passing comments on tea culture and took photos. There were tea sets and famous tea brands from all our the country, during this visit overseas education college students realize that china have long history of tea and tea culture.

Afternoon 5 o'clock exhibition closed for visitors but overseas students still want to visit more. Student from Korea KIM JINPYEONG express that during his visit; time flies away; he said next time i would like to visit again to this tea exhibition. student from South Africa LORATO excitedly told to the teacher "finally i realize the true meaning of tea". One of old student from Vietnam DOAN BA TOAI said "since the 6th tea exhibition, he is studying in WuYi Shan, each year tea expo brings lots of different feeling".

It is reported that, 9th tea exhibition will close on 18th November. Here, we wish the great success to Taiwan strait and 9th tea expo.