Study Programs

  • Chinese Language

Wuyi University was approved to recruit overseas students by Fujian Provincial Education Department in July 2011 and established Overseas Education College in May 2012. Currently, there are overseas students coming from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, Laos, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh doing long-term or short-term learning or communication in the Overseas Education College.

    The Overseas Education College is not only the Fujian provincial overseas Chinese education base and the promotion center for Chinese traditional culture experiencing but also one of the Chinese Government Scholarship students receiving institutions. According to the different types of learning requires, the Overseas Education College opens many systemic and scientific courses, which are mainly divided into two categories: basic courses and elective courses. The basic courses have Elementary Chinese Intensive Reading, Elementary Chinese Extensive Reading, Elementary Chinese Listening, Elementary Oral Chinese and Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing. Elective courses have Chinese Culture, Chinese Film Appreciation, HSK Counseling, Tai chi and Tea Art. Students can choose their own courses according to their needs and language level.

    The Overseas Education College also provides excellent educational resources and conditions to the overseas students. We successfully hosted the third zone of 2012-2013 "China Exploration—games of sunshine sports and culture tour for overseas students" and were praised by all walks of life. The team of WYU ranked the second in this competition and participated in the finals in Qingdao representing Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Jiangxi provinces. At the finals, we achieved the "Best Organization Award" and "Excellent Group Award".

    Overseas Education College is young, but its good teaching conditions and various colorful courses, as well as our beautiful campus scenery have attracted many foreign students to come here, which has laid a solid foundation for our future growth and development. We look forward to a more brilliant future of our Overseas Education College.

  • Tea Science
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Food Science and Engineering
  • Horticulture Gardening

School of Tea and food Science includes Tea Science (specialized in tea culture and economy)Food Quality and SafetyFood Science and Engineering and Horticulture Gardening four bachelor programs and enrolls majors of higher vocational level in Marketing, Accounting Computerization, Biotechnology and Application, Food Processing Technology, Tea Ceremony, Tea Products Design and so on.

    Headed by our national well-known tea culture and economy academician Yang Jiangfan, Tea Science and Biology Department now has 38 senior professional faculty and staff, of whom 8 are full professors, 10 are associate professors, and 8 of them own a doctor's degree and the rest of them own a master's degree.

    College of Tea and food Science possesses the following 18 well-equipped practicing centers and labs: Tea Culture Training Center, Tea Ceremony Practicing Center, Physique Training Hall, Tea leaves Processing Lab, Tea Leaves Biomass Extraction Lab, Food Safety and Inspection Center, Accounting Computerization Simulation Lab, Marketing Situational Teaching Center, Food Microorganism Lab, Biochemical Lab, Molecular Biology Lab and so on. Besides, the department owns 12 practice bases and "Wuyi Rock Tea Mingcong Exhibition Garden" and "Ecological Experiment Tea Garden", which cover an area of around 40 mu. All these advanced and sufficient teaching and practicing facilities insure excellent learning and practicing platforms for the students. 

    Tea Science (specialized in tea culture and economy) bachelor's program was set up in Dec, 2008 under the approval of Ministry of Education. In Sep, 2009 it began to enroll students from all over the country and was granted the honor of Provincial Featured Specialty in 2010 by Fujian Provincial Department of Education.

    Under the approval of Ministry of Education in Mar, 2010, Food Quality and Safety bachelor's program was set up and it begins to enroll students from all over the country from Sep, 2010.

    Under the inter-disciplinary education model, majors of higher vocational level in Biotechnology and Application, Marketing, Accounting Computerization and so on are all time-honored and led by rich experienced teaching teams, which makes our graduates highly recommended by the society.

  • Electronic and Information Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Automation Technology
  • Mechanical Design and its Automation
  • Microelectronics Science and Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering specializes in electronic discipline and manufacturing discipline. It owns rich teaching power: 50 full-time teaching staff including 4 professors and 13 associate professors, the rate of higher academic title is 45%. We have five major specialties: Electronic and Information EngineeringElectrical Engineering & Automation TechnologyMechanical Design and its AutomationMicroelectronics Science and Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering. Currently, we enroll over 1290 students, emphasize on specialty construction and own fine operating conditions.

    The build-up area of the integrated laboratories building is more than 9200 square meters, the whole property of the instruments is more than 14.6 million RMB Yuan. It includes two primary parts:1 Fujian Province Electrics and Electronics Experimental Teaching Demonstrative Center. Over 300 experiments can be conducted. Elementary Physics Laboratory, Electrical Basis Laboratory, DSP and Embedded System Laboratory, Laboratory of Principle of Sensing Device, Laboratory of High Frequency Circuit, PLC/EDA Laboratory and Electronic Technique Training Room are set up. 2 Mechanical Working Training Center. Over 80 experiments and training projects can be conducted. Such as, Metal Processing, Numerical Control Machining, Mechanical Design and Innovation. It owns Metal Processing Work Shop, Laboratory of Numerical Control Technique and NC machine tools, Laboratory of Mechanical Basis and Design, Laboratory of Mechanotronics, Laboratory of Mechanism Kinematics Schemes, Laboratory of Hydraulic Power-transmission and Modern Machining Technology. Besides, ten students' exercitation bases were set up, such as: Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Limited, Fujian Chuang Si Fang Electric Limited, Nanping Electrical Machinery Factory and so on.

    we put more weight on the cultivation of student's innovative ability, as many national and provincial awards in College Student's Electronic Design Competitions are achieved.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Urban and Rural Planning
  • Architecture
  • Construction Cost


School of Architecture and Civil Engineering has four undergraduate specialties as follows: Civil EngineeringUrban and Rural PlanningArchitecture and Construction Cost.

    Our school has a full-time teaching staff of 33. We regularly invite 10 more senior technicians from enterprises and institutions as part-time practical training supervisor. Many of staff is holder of various prestigious awards, for example: "Role Model of Teacher's Virtue", "Excellent Party Member", "the National May 1 Labor Medal" "The Ten Outstanding Young Persons". We enjoy fine operating condition, improved teaching and research facilities, such as: one provincial key laboratory, one on-campus provincial demonstrative center for teaching and experiment, one provincial new talent training mode experiment area, one teaching team of practice curriculum at provincial level, 2 school institutes, 12 laboratories and 12 off-campus professional practical bases; undertake many essence courses and key courses; the laboratory building with net area of 2000 square meters possesses more than 10 million RMB Yuan experiment equipments.

    Academic atmosphere is heavy in civil and Architecture Engineering Department who enjoys a lot of achievements in teaching and scientific research. We undertake more than 20 prefectural scientific research programs recent years; connects several achievements of study with enterprises; provides great platform for all teachers and students to research and practice and over 100 academic papers are published. Presently we enroll 1160 full-time students, We recruit students based on specialties and train them in different directions to satisfy their multivariate needs; focus on students' capability and are oriented by market acquirement; emphasize on their healthy development in personality. In addition, Student's work obtain the provincial, municipal and school level rewards; win the first and second prize repeatedly in the Provincial College Students Skill and Competence Competition.

  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Information and Computing Science
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Communication Engineering
  • Networking Engineering

There are five undergraduate subjects in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, which are Mathematics and Applied MathematicsInformation and Computing ScienceComputer Science and TechnologyCommunication Engineering and Networking Engineering. Among the 83 full-time teachers are 8 professors, 21 associate professors, 60 teachers with Master's and Doctor's degree, and 20 external teachers. Reasonably structured in age, academic degrees and titles, the teaching team of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department is very professional, cooperative, and energetic.

    School of Mathematics and Computer Science has taken great effort in teaching and research. It continuously improves the institutionalized, standardized and scientific management of teaching and research, and has set up an effective assessment and supervision system, which provides a powerful guarantee for the teaching system. Goal of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department is to cultivate talents with competency in living, studying, practice and innovation.

    In recent years, teachers of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department have published more than 400 theses in public academic journals, among which more than 100 papers are published in well-known domestic and foreign academic journals such as Information Science, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Soft Calculation, Applied Mathematics and Computation Journal, Southeast Asia Mathematical Journal, Journal of Mathematics, Progress of Mathematics, Computer System Application, International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Chinese Engineering Science, College Education Research and so on. More than 40 papers are recorded in the three international retrieval journals: SCI,EI, and ISTP. The teachers have also obtained outstanding achievements in the fields of logic algebra, differential geometry, artificial intelligence and computer application. The department has hosted or participates in more than 40 national and provincial Natural Science Fund and the Education Ministry projects. The department focuses on developing the school quality courses and provincial quality courses and wan many prizes of research and teaching achievement.

    Students of School of Mathematics and Computer Science are highly praised by the school, WuYi city and Fujian province for many times. They have won a second prize in the national and provincial mathematical modeling contest, first, second and third prizes in the skill competition for college students such as Mathematical Modeling, Computer Program Design, Website Design and Accounting Computerization. The department has set up an teaching experiment center and a computer software research institute, and nine laboratories including the mathematical modeling and mathematics experiments laboratory, the network construction laboratory, embedded microcontroller research laboratory, communications theory research laboratory, signal and system laboratory, student innovation laboratory and so on.

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Polymer Materials and Engineering
  • Biological Engineering
  • Ecology

There are five undergraduate subjects in the School of Ecology and Resource Engineering, which are Environmental EngineeringChemical Engineering and TechnologyPolymer Materials and EngineeringBiological Engineering and Ecology.

    Currently, we enroll over 1200 students. College has a rich experience in teaching, 56 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 14 associate professors, 10 teachers with Doctor's degree, 40 with master's degree and 20 external teachers. College has a good educational condition and improves the teaching and research facilities; college has 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 provincial characteristic specialty, and 1 provincial training mode innovation experimental area, 1 provincial institute of practice teaching team, two field research institute, 38 laboratories and more than 20 professional practice base. Published 130 academic theses, including SCI, EI, included more than 30 articles.

  • Fine Arts
  • Environmental Art Design
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Product Art Design

School of Arts was founded in 1986 and in 2010 it will enroll 4 bachelor degree majors: Fine Arts (including Chinese painting, oil painting and Comprehensive Painting), Environmental Art DesignVisual Communication Design, and Product Art Design. It enjoys a group of rich experienced, high level teachers, of whom 2 are full professors, 7 are associated professors, 3 own their Dr. degrees and 24 have MA degrees. In recent years, most of the teachers of Art Department have their further education in China top specialized universities such as in Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, China Art Academy, Jiangnan University, College of Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and so on and have improved their teaching and researching abilities greatly.

    Located in the Wuyishan World Dual Heritage Site, Art Department of Wuyi University has made full use of the advantages of being an international culture and art communication platform and art teaching practice site for national famous art universities and colleges, which has strengthened its academic communication and cooperation with them both at home and aboard, greatly improved its social influence and education level and formed the feature of open and cooperative education model. 

    In recent years, investment has been increased in developing the Art Department. As one of the Wuyi University's Top 10 Projects, the new teaching buildings have finished its construction on the beautiful lakeside, which include better-equipped teaching facilities, advanced laboratory equipment and comprehensive display pavilions, all of which help provide an excellent learning environment. Art Department owns well-equipped specialized Labs and studios such as Computer Aided Design Lab, Animation Design Lab, Ceramic Production Center, Printmaking Studio and Composite Materials Lab and so on, which provides the students with excellent learning and practicing facilities. 

    As one of the World Dual Heritage Site, Wuyishan has such profound history, rich cultures and beautiful sceneries that it attracts many famous artists and becomes one of the most suitable places for teaching and learning arts. Art Department of Wuyi University is the ideal place for most art learners and art pursuers.

  • Tourism Management
  • Hotel Management 
  • Management of Cultural Industry

The Tourism College of Wuyi University has a young and innovative team. School of Tourism has three undergraduate programs; Tourism ManagementHotel Management and Management of Cultural Industry. The undergraduate program of Tourism Management in the college is a key subject in Fujian province and a featured subject of the Fujian Innovative & Experimental Base for Training Practical Talents and Wuyi University. Several Teaching Quality Projects such as the Fujian Master Teachers, the Fujian Teaching Team of Hotel Management, the Quality Course of Provincial Tourism Planning, the University Teaching Team, the University Quality Course, and the University key Course are in progress in the college. The goal is to cultivate practical talents that are developed in Morality, Intelligence, Physique, and Art, with professional knowledge in tourism management, and able to work in the operation and management positions of tourism administration departments and tourism enterprises.

    The Tourism College has a strong and well-structured team. Among the 26 full-time teachers are 6 professors, 5 associate professors, 15 lecturers. In addition, 24 visiting professors, 4 visiting associate professors and several consultants from the tourism zone, hotels and travel agencies are employed to consolidate the linkage between teaching and the tourism industry.

    The Tourism College takes great effort in the construction of Researching and Teaching Practice base. The college has established the Tourism Culture Research Institute, and provides professional support for the construction of university tourism practice base in Fujian Province. In recent years, the college has undertaken 15 social researching subjects, published 8 professional treatises, and delivered more than 180 academic theses. Owning teaching facilities such as Tourism Planning Classroom, Tour Guide Simulation Classroom, Exhibition and Tourism Planning Classroom, Hotel Bedroom Simulation classroom, Reception and Bar Simulation Classroom, the college is a National Identification Station of Occupational Skills, Training and Identification Center of Tourism Occupational Qualification, and Tourism Teaching and Practice Base. With the advantage of being located in the Wuyi Tourism Zone, the college has established profound relationship with tourism enterprises and tourism administration department. 

    teaching and practice bases are built up outside the campus. At the same time, cooperation with other universities including Shandong University, Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University, Xiamen University, Fujian Normal University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Minjiang College, Zhangzhou Normal College, Quanzhou Normal College is also developed. Graduates from the college have good competency and practical abilities. 95% of the graduates find their jobs after graduation, and are highly praised by the employers.

    The Wuyi Mountain is a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, at the same times a National Scenic Site and a National Holiday Resort. Traditional culture, beautiful environment, good facilities, high-standard practice base and the booming tourism industry, all these have made the Tourism College an ideal place for people who are interested in and want to develop in the tourism industry.

  • The Chinese Literature
  • English major
  • Elementary Education

 Originating from the former Humanity and Education Science Department in May, 2010, the Humanity and Teacher Education College is based on the humanity science and focuses on literature and education science. The College of Humanity grows out of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, while the Department of Education Science originates from the General Education Department and the Basic Education Department.

    As one of the first departments that upgrade to undergraduate departments, the Humanity and Teacher Education College has a long history with great reputation and distinctive features. The college has Applied Arts and Teacher Education as its majors, the culture and literature of Wuyi Mountain, cultural and physical education as its features, and training practical talents, pre-school teachers, elementary and secondary school teachers as its goal. 

    Among the 110 full-time teachers in the college are 39 professors and teachers with Senior Title and 73%with Master's degree. The teachers have obtained great achievements in teaching, academic research and cultivation. They have written, edited and published 60 treatises and teaching materials, hosted and taken parts in more than 40 research projects, and published over 600 papers in a variety of journals. All this has built a good teaching, researching and academic atmosphere. The research is especially fruitful in the literary studies of Wuyi Mountain, literary studies of Taiwan, studies of A Dream of Red Mansion and Journey to the West. Three teachers won the Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Prize, one was granted with the Special Allowance from the State Council, and one was selected the New Century Excellent Talent of new undergraduate universities of Fujian province. Many teachers won the scientific research contribution awards, teaching contribution awards and outstanding young teacher titles of Wuyi University. The course of Communication is named the provincial quality course, the Writing is the excellent course of Fujian province, and the Modern and Contemporary Literature is a school quality course.

    The college has four staff rooms: Chinese Language Literature, Elementary Education and Music Education; two school-level research institutes: the Institute of Wuyi Literature Study and the Minbei Institute of Basic Education; and three undergraduate majors: The Chinese Literature (including Teacher Education, Chinese for Foreigners, Secretary and so on)English major and Elementary Education. Among them the Chinese Literature is one of the six majors that upgrade from junior college subjects to university subjects. Besides the undergraduate subjects there are five junior college majors: Secretary and Office Automation, News Interview and Production, Elementary Education (including Chinese, English, Sociology, Math and Science), Pre-school Education and Arts of Performing.

  • International Economy and Trade
  • Logistics Management

     Business school enrolls International Economy and Trade, Practical Japanese and Logistics Management (specialized in International Freight Forwarders) 2 different majors in 2014 International Economy and Trade and Logistics Management. Now, the full time enrollment is 1752.

     School of Business has 36 instructors. Besides, 8 instructors have experiences in learning or working in the foreign countries and it enjoys the policy to employ 8 native language professionals each year. Now the title structure, education level, age distribution and academic affiliation of the teachers are quite balanced and reasonable. With a high level of teaching skills, all the teachers are deeply respected and welcomed among the students not only for their dedication to education and strict with the students and themselves, but also because of their good example for the students.

    Based on the teaching philosophy of "aim to develop the students' abilities", the School of Business never ends its teaching innovation and cultivates the students' abilities in: mastering solid language skills and business knowledge, using the language skills adeptly, shouldering practical work and be creative in the line of international trade and logistics management and helps them demonstrate their abilities in translation, economy and trade, logistics management and teaching in middle schools and primary schools in the field of education, economy and trade, logistics, finance and tourism.

    In School of Business, much attention is paid to combine teaching and researching. Up to now, our teachers have undertaken more than 40 research programs of provincial level or higher, have published nearly 30 textbooks or translated original works and have published more than 400 articles in national or provincial academic journals in the field of logistics, international trade, linguistics, translation and intercultural communication.

    School of business has full advanced teaching facilities, which include Digital Multi-functional Integrated Language Skills Training Lab, Digital Language Lab, Interpreting Lab, Economy and Trade Teaching Lab, Business Simulation Practice Center and Language Teaching Broadcasting Station. It has more than 10 teaching practice sites in Guangdong, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen and so on. Besides, our students have rich learning resources. Now the library of our University has over 300,000 books of foreign languages, business and trade, and over 20,000 English digital books. Meanwhile, there are more than 20,000 books specified for our majors in the School's Reference Room. The students in this school can take part in many exams and certifications with the pass rate up to or above the national average level, such as CET 4, CET 6, TEM 4, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level 1, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level 2, BEC, L/C Operator Qualification Certificate, Customs clearance Clerk Qualification Certificate, Commercial Documents Clerk Qualification Certificate, International Tour Guide Qualification Certificate and so on.

  • Radio and Television Directing major
  • Animation major

We are the national first full-time public Animation and Comic College accredited by Fujian Provincial Department of Education (official document No. [2009] 59), it was officially funded in 2009 and covers an area of 200 mu two different major in Radio and Television Directing major and Animation major. There are 1550 registered students. In order to accommodate the growth of industry of ideas in Fujian Province, the school is a base to cultivate high quality talents in the field of animation and comic.

    Wuyi Animation and Comic College is listed in the provincial program of animation and comic talents cultivation. For the sake of setting up the integration of production, education and research training mode of animation and comic talents and ETO intellectual fostering mechanism, Wuyi University cooperate with Guangdong XinGuang Talent Communication and Service Co.Ltd. and adopt the approach of combing occupation qualifications training with academic education. Guangdong XinGuang Talent Communication and Service Co.Ltd. is the market leader in the line of animation and comic training in Guangdong province. XinGuang animation and comic education center will bring in more great trainers from home and abroad so as to bring into good use of the regional advantage in Pearl River Delta Region and cultivate high level creative talents for the development of the west side of Taiwan Strait and Pearl River Delta Region. We formulate talents training outline, form teaching staff, construct practice base and research & develop base together with enterprise.

    During the past ten years, animation and comic industry has already become an important component in creative industry in many countries and appears to be a new economic growth point. The pace of cultivating animation and comic talents in our country lags badly behind the market needs. As the information and network technology develops deeply, especially the popular use of 3G telecommunication, job prospects in the field of network interactive entertainment, and commercial production are bright, like online games (program development specialty), flash design and advertising communication and so on. It is a refreshing approach leading to satisfactory career development to choose majors linked with animation and comic.

  • Tourism Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Construction Cost
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting by Electronic Data Processing
  • Financial Management
  • Chain Business
  • International Economics and Trade

 Modern Information Service College is the secondary faculty attached to Wuyi University. It is located in Taoyuan teaching area and 1.8 kilometers away from the main campus. Transportation is convenient and the environment is exquisite. We have established the school-enterprise cooperative running-school pattern. With the support of Wuyi mountain "Double World Heritage" brand and Wuyi University resource advantage, we dedicates to develop tourism, accounting, logistics, innovation and other specialties and cultivates intermediate practical talents who knows administration, have skills and can practice so as to serve the west side of Taiwan Strait. 

    At present it owns 10 junior undergraduate specialties, it starts the following: Tourism ManagementLogistics ManagementConstruction CostFinance and InsuranceBusiness ManagementMarketing ManagementAccounting by Electronic Data ProcessingFinancial ManagementChain Business, and International Economics and Trade. With the student-centered motto of "Serving for students' growth and development wholeheartedly", we devote to promoting teaching and learning spirits; improving professional competence to gain satisfaction from students, employing unit and society.