Physical Examination

Do I Need To Do A Medical Examination?

Students whose Study time is only for a semester  do not need to do physical examination. Whether you are in need for "foreigner physical checklist application form", please contact the Chinese embassies and consulate  abroad. Students who study for one academic year or above are required to undergo a physical examination. Students who already have a residence permit do not need to undergo another medical examination. However, students who were under 18 when obtained the residence permit are required to undergo a medical examination.

About "Foreigner Physical Examination Form"

· "Foreigner physical checklist" must use the original;

· The "foreigner's physical examination form" is valid for six months;

· The upper right corner of the "foreigner's physical examination form" must be accompanied by a photograph of the applicant and the seal of the hospital where medical examination is taken;

· The last column of the form must have the signature and signature date of the hospital department and the doctor;

· If you need to copy the blank form for some reason, please make sure you have to copy the "foreigner's physical examination form" into two sheets of paper.

· "Foreigner physical checklist" to be attached to AIDS, syphilis test of the original, ECG original and X-ray inspection report of the original

Will the school organize a unified medical examination in China?

The International Student Office will arrange a physical examination for students who have failed to undergo physical examination or fail to undergo medical examination. One week after the Collective physical examination you could come to receive physical examination results, apply for a visa. As for Specific unified physical examination time, please pay attention to leave notice.

What kind of material is required for physical examination or verification?

· "Admission Notice" or student card

· photocopy of passport

· 1  photo of standard used for passport.