Registration Procedure

International Student's  Registration Process

  1. students take their passport,the visa application form (JW202 form) (if any)  and three passport photos (45mm × 35mm) to the College of Academic Affairs Office (Rui 1 # 406B) to register
  2.  the counselor will  assist the International Student Office to complete the following work:
  • fill out and print the student registration form (3 copy).
  • check the printed enrollment form, confirm the information after the signature (3 copy).
  • attach the photos  to   two of the registration form.
  1.  the counselor will help students copy passport with a photo of the page, the latest Chinese visa and the latest entry chapter. (1 copy)
  2.   counselors will help students check the visa and receive student registration materials (passport, visa and the latest entry chapter copy, admission notice, JW202 table, JW201 table), and give the students who need to extend or change their visa a ‘visa application notice’ and notice them to   read carefully and understand the full content of its signature;
  3.  related teachers will help the students to participate in the placement test and charge the tuition fees;
  4. counselors   will urge students to register in the local police station.
  5.  teachers will instruct students to receive the curriculum on a specified date and the specified college  , and  purchase of teaching materials;
  6.  the admissions office will organize a physical examination, for those who want go to physical examination by themselves, enrollment office teachers will provide "Wuyi Mountain Quarantine Inspection Bureau" address and urge them to check the body on time (in China accumulated 6 months or 6 Above the need for physical examination);
  7.  the class teacher will instruct the students to go to the Office of the visa or residence permit for the relevant procedures on specific date.