1, How to apply for  a visa and residence certificate?

  The procedure for applying for visas and residence documents for foreign students is slightly different from that of other foreigners. According to the provisions of the Nanping City Exit-Entry Administration Office, students need to apply from the Office of the students as the material is ready and its approved by the Nanping City Exit-Entry Administration, applicants can get the visa application form.

2, Apply for visas, residence documents required materials

Residence Permit

The validity period of the visa for the study class residence permit is the "expiry date" indicated on the visa page, and the number of times of entry can be repeatedly. An alien who resides in China shall apply for an extension of the term of residence and shall apply before the expiration of 30 days after the expiry date of the residence permit. If the registration of a residence permit is changed, the holder shall apply for a change within 10 days from the date of the change of the registration. The application period for a residence permit application is no more than 15 working days. The application materials are as follows:

(1)  1 white background, two inches photo with half your front body with  head  bare ;

(2)  "Temporary accommodation registration form" within the validity period;

(3)  "Admission Notice" from school is need for first application;

(4)  A valid passport; "Visa Application Form for Visiting Chinese Students" (JW201 / JW202);

(5) Applicants who apply for residence documents for the first time and are over 18  should submit the health certificate to the entry and exit health quarantine departments;

(6) Proof of insurance

(7)  500RMB